When I look in the mirror, I feel….

Now, this depends on the day and, sometimes, even the mirror! But generally how I feel when I look in the mirror falls into one of two trails of thought:

1) I hate myself. I hate the sag under my chin and how big my head is. I hate my arms because they are so big and make me look so wide. I hate my tummy because it’s big and wobbly. I hate my hips/thighs because they are big and ungainly. I hate my pasty skin, cellulite and general lack of glamour/sexiness! I hate that clothes can look really crappy on me.

2) I don’t look as bad as I think I do! Yes I have big bits, I have wobbly bits, but they’re not as big or wobbly as I think they are. Sometimes I put an outfit together and I can feel fab. I can look at myself in the mirror and know that it could be better, but for now it’s not really that bad.

While I am writing this I am thinking that 1 is the mirror in my mind, mirror 2 is the physical mirror that I look in. I spend far too long focussed on mirror 1 and I need to remember that technique where you think about how you would talk to a friend. Would I say those things to a friend that I say to myself when I look in mirror 1? Not in a month of Sundays!! 

Oh I have an action point from this post: put a post-it on my mirror “what would you say to a friend?” And maybe I’ll start being nicer to myself! Fingers crossed.


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