How does food make me feel? How do I wish I felt about food?

Wow, this 30 day challenge is going to take me all year at this rate – we have been so busy! But, nevertheless, the important thing is that I come back to it, not matter how much time has passed. And in that time I have been running a few times, this evening I completed week 2 day 2 of the C25K app, I covered 3.4 km this evening, very happy with myself.

I have also had a decent SW week. I have attempted to have an SP week, it hasn’t been perfect, but that has been due to social events, other than those I have been okay. I’ve never done SP before, I didn’t think I’d be able to do it, so if nothing else’s I have proven myself wrong on that one! I think it’ll go some way to help me get back on track with extra easy. Depending on the results tomorrow I will do at least one more SP week before we go on our hollibobs. 

So, to today’s questions. Food makes me feel just about every emotion going, but in a nutshell I eat to make me feel happy and I eat when I am happy, then I spend a lot of time feeling guilty about it! I love food! I don’t discriminate, I love all food, but most of all I love bad food!! How do I wish I felt about food? Frankly I wish I didn’t give a hoot about food! I wish I could just see food as the fuel that I need to stay alive and I wish I would put the healthiest fuel in my body to keep it running for as long as possible. So there!!! Considering how long I’ve been thinking about those questions I answered them concisely!! Next up…..why do I eat?! See you soon 😊


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