From the past 5 days, what patterns or understandings can I now see about myself and where I’m headed?

As I said the last time I wrote, I was glad to see this question come up because I am starting to feel as though I am repeating myself! I have come to the conclusion that I am an emotional eater and I am determined to overcome this before it really starts to affect my health. The ways in which I aim to do that is by completing these 30 questions, getting right back into Slimming World food optimising and taking up some exercise.

Today has been a big day because we have been and booked a family holiday. We have been looking for the perfect holiday to go on before I return to work, since we are able to book something outside of the school holidays. We have been looking for ages, but today we finally parted with our money and got it booked. I cannot wait!! But, as soon as it was booked I went into panic mode – Ugh, I am not going to look pretty in a swimming costume!! So, I have 6 weeks. I am feeling motivated. So much so that I went and bought those trainers I keep talking about needing!! Yay!

Next step………..actually putting them on and stepping out that front door. I would like to go and do some classes but money is tight now that holiday is paid for and I am in the last phase of my maternity leave, so for now I have downloaded ZenLab’s C25K app which I will do 3 times a week and I shall pick up the 7 minute workout again and attempt that everyday.

Key to my success over the next 6 weeks will be:

*Continuing this blog.

*Planning and preparing SW meals and attending image therapy every week.

*Running 3 times a week and doing the 7 minute workout everyday.

*Asking myself:

Am I going to be happy with myself after I eat this?

Am I really hungry or do I just like the taste or comfort?

Is this food what I planned on eating today?

Do I need a distraction right now to resist this temptation?

If I can’t resist this food that isn’t on my “approved list”, I will limit myself to a few bites. (

*Using distractions to stop me eating between meals.

*Trying to keep positive and focus on all the positive reasons for doing this. (Not that there are any negative, but I am not good when I feel like I am being made to do something I don’t want to – even though I am the only person making me do this!! Crazy!!)

So here I come Pinterest, I am going to be hunting out all the inspirational quotes I can find. The next 3 posts see me focus on food and eating (my favourite subjects!!) with the first question being “How does food make me feel? How do I wish I felt about food?” – This could be quite a long post! See you all tomorrow for that installment *waves*


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