How can I invest in myself, my health and my joy this year?

When I first read this question I thought, wow, that’s deep! But, having given it more thought I feel like I have already gone some way to making changes and doing things to in invest in myself, my health and my joy this year. As I have mentioned in a previous post, I have been trying to talk over the negative voice in my head. I have always been quite a b*tch, not in a really horrible way, but I have always been a terror for picking at peoples flaws. I don’t know why I do it (although I have a feeling it might be something I have inherited from my mum) and these days I feel ashamed that I have and still do do it. So, I am happy with the progress I have made to stopping this trait of mine and it has gone a long way to change how I believe people may view me too and that has to be a positive thing, right?

Other ways I am going to invest in myself are by doing things that I enjoy – baking, sewing, colouring, and seeing friends. Essentially I want to make time for myself, to do things that I enjoy. I went out for dinner with my husband late night and that time was so precious – I would like more of that. I am going to continue blogging. Normally if I miss doing something for a few days I give up, but here I am after several days away having been crazy busy and I am blogging!! Another mistake I would normally make is trying to catch up with all the days I have missed in one hit, but I have taken a deep breath and rationalised that just because it is a 30 day challenge doesn’t mean it has to be completed in 30 days, the important thing is just to complete it!

I am going to get my head back into SW (still not there yet, but I know it will happen!) and I am going to take up some exercise – I AM GOING TO DO IT!!!! I tried on some trainers today, but wimped out of buying them, whoops! I know we’re all going shopping at the weekend so I just decided that I’d like a second opinion from OH.

Generally I just WANT to invest in myself and that is a big step forward, I recently heard that if you don;t look after yourself you can’t look after others and that resonated with me. So I just need to pull my finger out and make these things happen. I am glad to see tomorrow’s question “Looking back over your past five days of writing, what patterns or understandings can I now see about myself and where I’m headed?” because I feel like I keep repeating myself! I feel as though there are clear ideas about what I want for the future. And yet I am going to make you wait til tomorrow to read what they are!!! Til then, ciao!


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