What do I want most in life and how will I get it?

Evening. I feel like I am already reaping the benefits of this 30 day challenge if for no other reason than I am being more mindful of my emotional eating. That is not to say that I am not emotionally eating but I am at least able to identify it as a problem and am ready to tackle it. Happy days!

So, what do I want most out of life? We’ll it goes without saying that I want my family and my friends to be happy in all that they do and I do my best to support them all with that. I want my children to grow up as healthy and happy individuals, confident in what they do, with the resilienve to try and overcome problems life throws at them and with the ability to love themselves and others.

But at the moment want I want the most is to overcome my own demons related to food and eating. I feel that overcoming my emotional eating will have positive impacts in other areas of my life including my relationship with my husband and how my children grow up viewing diet and exercise. 

How will I get there? Well I hope that working through this 30 day challenge will go some way to helping me address where my weaknesses are and try to turn them around. I have got some lists of distractions to help me try to and avoid reaching for the chocolate when I don’t need it. I also want to try and take up some exercise as I believe that will help to strengthen me mentally as well as physically. I have two things holding me back on that front and that is 1) a lack of trainers! And 2) finding something I can do after the little ones go to bed. I always quite enjoy a group workout it’s just finding one that starts late enough. So I shall crack on with overcoming these obstacles – some retail therapy is never a bad thing, right?!

I hope this reads well this evening, I’m writing this on my phone whilst in the car (not driving) playing i-spy with my 3 year old!! I don’t know what day 3s questions are, but as soon as I can get on pinterest I shall get to thinking about them and I’ll be back tomorrow with my thoughts on them. For now it’s about quality time with the fam fam, peace out!!


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